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Sustainable IT Asset Disposal

We are proud to provide a service that is instrumental in the responsible disposal of electronic waste and the preservation of our environment...

E-Scrap Solutions & Safe Disposal


We provide secure and environmentally sound computer recycling. Our company is certified, so you can have peace of mind that we...

Data Destruction

Secure your data

Our data destruction services provide a secure way for you to recycle unwanted computers and electronics without worrying about data being left behind on your old devices...


ITAD AFRICA is a professional service firm in the business built around the disposal of obsolete Information Technology (IT) and electronic equipment. Established in 2007, our team has over 20 years of IT asset disposal experience, the company has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, security, and regulatory compliance.

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Recover the residual value from your refurbish-able IT Assets and
high value electronic waste.

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Many organisations often find themselves with redundant IT and telecoms equipment. This could be due to periodic equipment refreshes, downsizing or office relocations, surplus equipment, and closures. Recovering redundant equipment from across the country, ITAD AFRICA offers services that are guided by NIST 800-88 security standards and are aligned to sustainable methods of disposal of your IT hardware.


Being an SMME ourselves we understand the challenges that most SMME’s face with workload, lets us handle your IT Asset Disposal... read more

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corporate telecoms equipment Corporate

We have 11 years of experience with dealing with corporate clients some foreign multi-national and listed South Africa giants. We understand your requirements... read more

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government telecoms equipment Government

We have vast experience in working with government, we have operated in National Key Points and have won IT Asset Disposal tenders... read more

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